What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the colour, the pigmentations, and the structure of the iris of the eyes as they relate genetically through reflex responses from body systems.

How does the eye reveal information?

Similar to a map, the iris topographically reflects specific organs and systems of the body. Deficiencies are represented in the corresponding area of the iris as structural deviations in the iris fibres or pigmentations. Through observation and documentation, iris charts have been refined.

What is my Iridologist looking for?

The Iridologist will first determine your constitution (the overall impression of the iris), structure, and colour patterns before identifying individual signs. These signs occur when a space develops between the radiating iris ribbons known as fibres; this signifies a deficiency with a corresponding body system.

Is an analysis covered by healthcare?

No, it is not currently covered in Canada although several other countries recognize the science of iridology; namely Eastern Europe and Russia, China and Japan.

When is the best time for an analysis?

Iris analysis identifies deficiencies and weaknesses that are both individual (accrued during the course of one’s life) and genetic (inherited from birth). It is best suited for preventive measures.