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Here’s How Medical Cannabis Holds Back Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and irreversible neurological disorder that gradually destroys a patient’s memory and reasoning skills. Precisely it is a chronic form of dementia. People who are above 65 years typically get affected by this disease. During the initial stage, the symptoms remain mild.

However, with the gradual pace of time, patients tend to lose their learning ability, thinking skill and every other cognitive skill. The cause of the disease is still very vague and hence, there’s no particular cure for it. However, a recent study, the most comprehensive to date revealed that Rick Simpson oil and Alzheimer’s have a connection.


More Insights:

Researchers have carried out innumerable studies to spot the exact cause of Alzheimer’s. Owing to the lack of proper evidence, the reason is unknown. Some suggest it is genetic, whereas a group considers environment or even lifestyle to be the contributing factor.

It is pretty much evident that there is no particular solution to mitigate the disease at once. However, cannabinoids play an important role in managing the cognitive symptoms at par. For the uninitiated, cannabinoids are naturally occurring substance in cannabis. Studies say that CBD, also known as cannabidiol is mostly instrumental in neuroprotective qualities. Thus, Rick Simpson oil and Alzheimer’s go hand-in-hand.

Note: Another important cannabinoid is THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol. Doctors often recommend supplements of this particular type to treat the symptoms.

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Benefits of Cannabinoids:

The major side effects of Alzheimer’s are formation of tangles in brain and loss of proper neural connections. Cannabinoid can play a huge role in such a vulnerable situation. Thanks to its chemical properties which allow the substance to filter through the blood-brain-barrier.

Most of the pharmaceuticals don’t have the potential to pass through this protective system owing to their sizes. Here is when Rick Simpson oil and Alzheimer’s get along for some productive outcomes. By entering inside the brain, the cannabinoids directly interact with the cannabinoid receptors to lessen the existing symptoms.

A few studies have shown that this particular compound is also essential in coping with the frequent mood shifts of the patients. Alzheimer’s patients suffer from sudden shifts of mood more often than not. At times, they can even become aggressive and threatening due to lack of conscience. Addressing such adverse effects, cannabinoids can be of great fast aid.

It is seen that patients who are under CBD have experienced improved mood with a good escalation in their overall cognitive growth. With reduce agitation, people lead a good and improved quality of life. Indeed, this offers a sense of relief to the caregivers of the patients too.

Lastly, CBD is also vital in treating sleeping disorders associated with this disease. 78% of the patients complain of not having a sound sleep and this can be chronic. In such a scenario, doctors often recommend CBD to solve the sleeping disorder.

Over the last few years the relation between Rick Simpson oil and Alzheimer’s seem to be quite promising. People can expect better results from this substitution of cannabis in the coming days for sure.